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Digital auction platform of in-package space for printed targeted advertising. / Store owners

  • Unlock a lucrative revenue stream by inserting printed ads into specific packages, ensuring a constant flow of income.
  • You have the authority to determine which ads to accept.
  • Payouts are made on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

How PkgAds works

1 Purchase

The customer purchases a product from an online store.

2 Auction

Advertisers participate in an online auction, bidding to secure a printed ad placement within the package.

3 Print

A winning advertiser's ad is printed by the online store.

4 Insert

Furthermore, the online store includes the printed ad in the package, alongside the purchased product.

5 Convert

The package is shipped to the customer, who then encounters the advertisement.

6 Payment

The online store receives the payment corresponding to the successful bid price.


Secure your ad placement in that specific package.

Harness the potential of order keywords, geolocation, and other factors to create targeted campaigns that elevate precision to new heights.

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Store owner?

Gain a additional revenue stream.

By opting to accept ads of your preference, you have the opportunity to generate an extra revenue stream by including them into your packages.


Allow me to clarify

1. Purchase
  • A customer purchases a product from a registered online store.
  • The PkgAds platform automatically receives a copy of the order.
2. Auction
  • The received order enters an automatic auction, where advertisers bid to get their ad in the package.
  • The advertiser with the winning bid automatically provides the ad to the publisher.
3. Print
  • The online store prints the ad.
  • This can be automated for time-saving convenience.
4. Insert
  • The online store inserts the printed ad into the package and ships it to the customer.
5. Convert
  • Opening the package reveals not only the ordered product but also an inserted advertisement, capturing the customer's attention.
  • If the ad contains a QR code, the buyer can choose to scan it, with the PkgAds platform capable of recording the scan.
6. Payment
  • The online store receives the payment corresponding to the successful bid price.

Why PkgAds?

New source of income

Online stores receive the payment corresponding to the price paid by advertisers.

In control

Online stores have the authority to determine which ads they choose to accept.


Comprehensive statistics and reporting tools are at your disposal.

Automatic printing

With a specialized software called PrintClient, you can automate the printing of ads.

All online stores

All eCommerce software is compatible. Simply forward an email containing the order information, and it will be entered into the auction.

Hands free

Our automated auction platform allows you to focus on your core business.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it possible to automate the printing of ads?

    Certainly! With PrintClient, you have the capability to automate the printing process for ads.

  • What is the minimum payout threshold?

    The current minimum payout is set at €50, but it can be adjusted to a maximum of €1000.

  • What is the payment amount for inserting an ad in one of my packages?

    The payment you receive for inserting an ad in one of your packages depends on the bidding amount set by the advertiser in the auction. Typically, you receive the bid price, excluding any applicable service fees.

    For instance, if you are selling high-end phones, advertisers are more likely to pay a higher amount to have their ad inserted in your package compared to when you are selling items with a lower value, such as one-dollar items.

  • Which online eCommerce software is supported by your platform?

    Our platform supports all eCommerce software that utilizes the "Email" shop type.

    Upon registering a shop with the "Email" type, you will be assigned an email address. Your software or yourself can send new order emails to this designated email address. Our platform will then receive, read, and forward the order to the auction for processing.

    Furthermore, we offer legacy plugins specifically designed for Shopify and WooCommerce platforms.

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